Hi, I’m Craig.

I’m a Connecticut web developer, father, husband, hockey player and Philly fan.

My day job primarily consists of writing custom WordPress plugins and themes for a variety of clients (currently over 100 WordPress installations running on a VPS with a LAMP stack), though there is the occasional ancient, static site or custom CMS or software like Miva Merchant and Joomla that get thrown in the mix. On somewhat rare occasions, I get to tinker around with our proprietary .NET platform but mainly just front-end stuff.

In my free time, I hang out with my daughter, wife and friends. I enjoy reading, sticking to stories set in the Forgotten Realms world (I have read every single book in the Drizzt saga by R.A. Salvatore). I play video games (currently Hearthstone), hockey and kickball. I also like to contribute back to the WordPress community by providing support on the forums, contributing patches to core and speaking at WordCamps.

The purpose of this site was originally to serve as a dumping ground for code / web tips as well as photos and stories about my daughter. Considering I only posted for the first month or so and then stopped entirely, it’s safe to say I am not much of a blogger. Maybe one day I will actually keep to my word and begin posting regularly, but that’s a HUGE maybe.

I am usually available to take on freelance work, anything from full site/app development or writing custom plugins for your site to cleaning up a hacked site or performing security audits. Just drop me a line using the form below.

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